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SGA is an interactive class and group of students that plans and creates all of the fun events that take place at Atlantic Community High School. We are involved in planning the pep rallies, the decathlon, and many more school activities. Not only do we volunteer inside of school, we also volunteer outside of school. We run the concession stand at football games, we volunteer with Office Depot, and with X-Mas Tree. We help to unite the student body and teachers in school spirit and make Atlantic a loving and caring community.

The mission of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to help lead and guide the students of Atlantic High-school with the motivation and school spirit they need to feel determined to thrive in high school and provide student services for all teachers and students. Atlantic’s SGA is involved at all levels of student participation from physical to heart.


Homecoming is a dance SGA plans for the entire school to get together and have fun! It usually takes place at the end of an amazing spirit week, which is filled with lunch activities, school-wide themed days, and an awesome pep rally. When homecoming takes place, you do not want to miss it! It is one of the most memorable things about high school! It takes a lot of work and focus to come up with unique and satisfying ideas for the majority of students in a high school, so SGA spends multiple periods, hours upon hours to think about what could satisfy the masses. The illustrious minds within SGA always manages to find a way to spruce things up and make Homecoming one of the most memorable and effective times of a school year!

We are here to help teachers and students, if you see us do not hesitate to ask questions!

Visit our SGA Twitter feed or Instagram @atlantic_sga where you will find the photos taken from the school events during your school year or quick information!

Upcoming Events

Schedule Calendar 2016-2017

  • Pep Rally: TBA
  • Spirit Day: TBA


The 100 ft. Christmas Tree Build

Atlantic High School and its Student Government Association (and other parties) will happily assist its city in building the annual and iconic 100 ft Christmas Tree. The construction will officially start on November 14th at Delray Beach’s own Old School Square!

~Update: The wonderful students of SGA aided their city with the construction of the 100 ft. Christmas Tree! This represents the fortitude and the effort SGA contributes to their community and school.

Office Depot Fundraiser!

SGA at Office Depot

SGA at Office Depot

SGA proudly assists the amazing people at Office Depot to do whatever work they would require of us. In doing so, we raise money for SGA which would then substantially contribute to events such as Atlantic’s pep rallies, Prom, and our Decathalon! Going out to the amazing warehouse offers community service hours opportunities and gives teens the opportunity to see some ins and outs of labor behind the scenes! If you would happen to volunteer, please make sure to bring long pants and/or a hoodie, it will most likely be freezing! To accompany SGA in this fundraiser, please contact our lovely President and Vice President- Lexie Fisher and Hannah Cruz at

Conquering childhood cancer at ATL! Proud of our Eagles for hosting this St. Baldrick's event.

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  1. The new website looks amazing! Thank you so much for making this page for us, we’re honored to have one. I (Hannah Cruz) would love to get back with you when school starts so we can put in more descriptions of SGA and what we do. Thank you again!

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